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34 AustrAlAsiAn Dentist proDuCts week after that. u PCR Approved: Stain Remover Testing: LoveSmiles product also works effectively within the PCR score range. Our product has been scientifically proven to remove up to 80% of stains without damage. More to the point, we can assure you our product is not a psychological mind trick. It works effectively and is safe. u Extended shelf life: The LoveSmiles teeth whitening powder has no shelf life date, and as such, it can last for a long time on the user’s shelf. u Supports wildlife conservation: LoveSmiles donates to the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital, based in the Gold Coast. LoveSmiles also makes donations toward the planting of additional gum trees in Queensland. u Huge dental profitability income: HIGH PROFIT MARGINS LoveSmiles kits can be purchased from Orien Dental Supplies for $100 and retailed to patients in dental clinics for $150. What does this mean to you specifically? Despite the apparent answers or customer satisfaction, you will be making a considerable profit yearly from directly supplying Lovesmiles Teeth Whitening kits in your dental clinic/s. HOW DOES LOVESMILES TEETH WHITENING POWDER WORK? Already rated as the world’s first natural charcoal teeth whitening kit approved by dentists, the technology behind this product is uniquely produced and packaged for even the most discerning client. The powder comes with two bamboo brushes each with charcoal reactive ion bristles. LoveSmiles team custom designed these bristles to work together with the activated charcoal powder. These brushes readily absorb the dental plaque within the user’s teeth contributing a long way to diminish stains and discolouring on the surface of the user’s teeth. The ultra-fine staggered ends of the soft bristles help users to clean deeply and gently. These bamboo charcoal-enhanced brush bristles are moisture proof, with antibacterial properties. This way, the brush bristles are free from bacteria. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: 1. Remove the lid and carefully put a small amount (a quarter of a teaspoon) of LoveSmiles activated charcoal powder on the lid. 2. Wet the head of your LoveSmiles bamboo activated charcoal bristle toothbrush with water. 3. Dip your toothbrush bristles in the powder placed on the lid. Replace lid. 4. Brush your teeth for 1-2 minutes, starting at the back with the toothbrush bristles at a 45-degree angle, brushing gently with The LoveSmiles difference In today’s era of online purchasing trends, influencer marketing, self-promotion which involve endless selfies, photo-sharing, and personal brands, people are showing their teeth on a variety of social media platforms. Everyone wants to look their best, online and offline, and this starts with a dazzling smile that can capture attention, preferably within a few seconds. So we produced a secret natural alternative to achieve a set of teeth that are flashing, sparkling and spotless. It’s called Lovesmiles Teeth Whitening. Whiter teeth help define beauty and trust. Around the world, there›s a growing trend by the average person to believe and be influenced by online brand influencers and celebrities rather than seek advice from dental professionals when it comes to teeth whitening products. This industry alone has grown exponentially and is now worth over 15 billion dollars, worldwide and this is affecting the perception of practices in delivering a glamorous smile. Most dentists believe it is essential that their patients only get teeth whitened using safe traditionally used products. These typically range from in-chair whitening sessions to take home-kits with whitening strips or trays. At Lovesmiles we acknowledge that these traditional approaches have been the only improved versions available, however, now there are new approved natural and organic versions that have passed regulators scrutiny that cover many patient requirements. So how do traditional products cater and meet the needs of all your patients seeking to obtain whiter teeth? There are many questions we have come across on our journey to create the best solution and here are some issues we received from dental practitioners: u What if our patient wants a whiter smile but is unable to use added chemicals, toxins/ bleach products? u What if our patient wants whiter teeth but needs to avoid whitening due to sensitive teeth? u What if our patient can›t afford the cost? u What if our patient is vegan? u What alternative/s could you offer? u How can our patients achieve whiter and brighter teeth? LOVESMILES, a new Australian Dental Industrial Association Member (ADIA), has developed a NON ABRASIVE NATURAL new products from lovesmiles CHARCOAL teeth whitening and stain remover solution for all of your patients. The Lovesmiles product is unlike any other charcoal kit on the market. LoveSmiles is the world›s first natural whitening product that has been tested and certified for efficiency and safety. Australian dentists are seeing the amazing results for themselves and are choosing to stock, sell and recommend LoveSmiles to their patients. WHAT MAKES LOVESMILES DIFFERENT FROM OTHER CHARCOAL TEETH WHITENING PRODUCTS? LoveSmiles teeth whitening products originate from organic coconut shell that whitens teeth without damaging enamel or the environment. Our kits are the perfect take-home solution for your patients after their regular dental checkups or in chair whitening sessions. Continued page 36 Due to increasingly popular demand for teeth whitening the current market has no shortage of unsafe teeth whitening products. As a result, dentists are the ones who see the effect of these inferior and harmful products. Here are some of the features that distinguish LoveSmiles whitening powder from other charcoal whitening kits: u Tested & certified internationally: LoveSmiles has been tested and certified internationally by dental whitening professionals and scientists. u Australian Certified ISO u Food grade certified u Tested & certified by NSF International against NSF/ANSI u CEI Approved: Efficient Whitening Testing: LoveSmiles teeth whitening powder has a rating of 1.56 cleaning efficiency Index (CEI), and this means that it has a high level of efficiency in teeth whitening procedures while keeping the abrasive level very low. u RDA Approved: Safe for tooth enamel testing: This is another unique feature that sets the LoveSmiles teeth whitening powder apart from others. It has a Relative Dentin Abrasion (RDA) score of 54.5. What this means is that the teeth whitening powder has minimal or low abrasive effects on users. Even when used alongside fluoride kinds of toothpaste it does not exceed harsh testing due to the recommended use, being two times the first week and once a