GAP Australasian-Dentist-May June 2019

26 AustrAlAsiAn Dentist produCts It is a primal instinct within all of us to want to look and feel good. A dazzling smile, in particular, captures attention and draws people to you. It is no surprise, therefore, that there are so many teeth whitening solutions in the market today. Out of this lot, most professional solutions include dental practice visit(s) and using harsh chemicals to achieve your desired smile. There are also natural options that include using charcoal – those can be used at home. Because charcoal solutions are mostly sold non-tested, there is a lack of trust in their effectiveness and safety, especially in the dental industry. However, LoveSmiles teeth whitening and stain remover kits are different. LoveSmiles is a teeth whitening and stain remover product that is unlike any other charcoal kit on the market. LoveSmiles has been scientifically tested and certified for its efficiency and safety at Indiana University School of Dentistry Oral Health Research Institute. It is made from activated 100% organic coconut shell that whitens teeth without damaging teeth enamel or the environment. LoveSmiles is the only natural whitening product that has been tested and certified for efficiency and safety. LoveSmiles is a fully Australian owned company and a new member of the Australian Dental Industry Association. Why is LoveSmiles better than other charcoal teeth whitening products? As a result of the increasing demand for teeth whitening solutions, the market is littered with countless unsafe options. LoveSmiles sets itself apart from the lot as a highly effective and safe teeth whitening solution for the teeth enamel and the environment. Here is what sets it apart; u It is effective LoveSmiles is the world’s first and only natural teeth whitening product that has been scientifically tested and certified for efficiency and safety. The product performs remarkably well across all major tests with Cleaning Efficiency Index (CEI) at 1.56, Relative Dentin Abrasion (RDA) at 54.5 and Pellicle Cleaning Ratio (PCR) at 80.6. LoveSmiles scores are remarkably impressive across both natural and chemical-based alternatives. This shows it has a high level of efficiency in whitening while keeping the abrasive level low. “I really do love LoveSmiles! I was super impressed when after only 3 nights of use my teeth whitened from an A1 to a B1. It has so many positives ... short duration of use (5 min compared with 1 hour), non-toxic (compared with chemical intake of regular bleach), organic, tasteless, non-abrasive, a generous amount, no gingival burning or tooth sensitivity. Even the bathroom mess that follows is easily wiped off. I love having a non-toxic, non-sensitive alternative to offer our patients, and the fact it has a long shelf-life is also a huge benefit. I’ve even had some feedback of composite restorations appearing brighter, which would make sense with the mechanism of action being stain absorption. It has already been a popular product with our patients.” Dr Annette Moulton “Great product that is a natural alternative to whitening products, sourced locally, packaged beautifully and environmentally conscious too!” Dr Aiden Roze, TFI Dentistry u It has a huge profitability potential LoveSmiles provides a significant discount to dentists thereby driving up their profitability. The kits can be purchased from Orien Dental Supplies for $100 and retailed to patients at $150. This means you will be making a considerable yearly profit from directly supplying LoveSmiles teeth whitening kits in your dental clinic/s as illustrated below. Profitability forecast – example The number of new patients in dental practice per day 30 Patients with LoveSmiles kits 20% Annual profit* $75,000 * based on 250 working days per year u It is 100% organic and natural LoveSmiles teeth whitening products originate from 100% organic coconut shell that whitens teeth without damaging the environment. The packaging as well as the tooth brushes, are crafted from Moso Bamboo. This is tied to the company’s mission and ethos – “To do our part to reduce our plastic footprint – and yours”. LoveSmiles products are the perfect all-natural take-home stain remover and natural whitening solution in the market. As the world’s first and only tested and certified dental charcoal stain remover and whitening product, you are guaranteed to be offering your clients a safe and effective stain remover that will maintain their whitening procedure after a regular checkup or in-chair whitening sessions. new products from lovesmiles LoveSmiles is unlike any other teeth whitening product Before and after. u It is safe LoveSmiles has undergone all necessary scientific testing and certifications by dental whitening professionals and scientists internationally to ensure that it does not damage your teeth enamel and the environment. The product scores 54.5 for RDA which shows that although it is highly effective, it still retains a low abrasion. It is important to note that the product has not been tested on animals as certified by Safe Cosmetic Australia. The product also boasts of the following other safety certifications: – Toxic-Free – Australian Certified – Australian Allergy Certified – Made Safe NonToxic Certified u It is recommended by dentists With so many teeth whitening solution available, dentists are the best placed to give an authoritative opinion on what works and what doesn’t. As for LoveSmiles, Australian dentists are seeing the amazing results for themselves and choosing to stock, sell, and recommend it to their patients.