Australasian Dentist Magazine Sept-Oct 2021

A NEW ADVANCED TAKE HOME TOOTH WHITENING SYSTEM WITH LED LIGHT TECHNOLOGY NOW YOUR PATIENTS CAN ENJOY A BRIGHTER, MORE CONFIDENT SMILE IN 5 DAYS. • Fast acting, delivering whiter teeth in as little as 5 days. • Formulated to safely remove long term stains. • Fully rechargeable for future tooth whitening treatments. • Remineralization to strengthen the teeth. • Extra hydration to minimise sensitivity. • No custom tray required EASY TO USE FROM JUST 20 MINUTES A DAY WHITER TEETH IN FIVE DAYS PROFESSIONALLY USED AND RECOMMENDED 10 MINUTES WHITENING PER DAY EASY TO USE WHITER TEETH IN TEN DAYS PROFESSIONALLY USED AND RECOMMENDED COMPOSITES | GLASS IONOMERS | TOOTH WHITENING SDF RIVA STAR | CEMENTS | ADHESIVES | ETCHANTS SEALANTS | AMALGAMS | ACCESSORIES | EQUIPMENT YOUR SMILE. OUR VISION. Call 1800 337 003 orders phone 1300 65 88 22 | orders fax 1300 65 88 10 * Data source: Manufacturer instructions for use. Not registered trademarks of SDI Limited. • Dental Advisor rates Pola Light ++++ or 87% clinical rating. • 1238 uses with ease of use and lack of tooth sensitivity. • 88% of Dental Advisor evaluators rated it either equal or better than their existing take home LED whitening. • 80% would recommend Pola Light to a colleague. 47 CLINICAL EVALUATORS TOTAL USES 1238 CLINICAL RATING 87% POLA LIGHT 2021 NOW 9.5% Available in 6% and 9.5%. The results were great in a short amount of whitening time. Also, it was very easy to use. Dental Advisor evaluator comment OFFICIAL 2021 TEETHWHITENING PARTNER