PRODUCTS 12 AUSTRALASIAN DENTIST Brighten up your practice.... BLACKBERRY + LICORICE CURAPROX CURAPROX AUSTRALIA | | 08 7079 3779 Blackberry banner.indd 1 8/02/2022 3:40:05 PM Innovative Medical Technologies are a leading distributor in the dental and medical industry. Founded by Paul Baltas and lead by CEO Mr Sam Vlachos they have built a strong reputation for supporting their clinic partners with innovation, research and development and have had the privilege to bring the world’s best dental lasers in Australia and New Zealand. The Pioon Diode triple wavelength laser has hit our shores with its power, efficiency and innovation! The S3 Plus boosts three beneficial wavelengths (980nm + 650nm + 450nm), which allow you to selectively target different chromophores at different depths of the skin to effectively treat many soft tissue indications as well as whitening, TMD, pain management and wound healing via photobiomodulation. The infrared 980nm wavelength is remarkable in endodontic and periodontal diseases by allowing a deep penetration to disinfect and reduce bacteria it can be used as an adjunct to scaling and root canal treatments. Mid infrared has a great absorption of water and has a useful tissue ablative effect. Dr Phil hand from Aesthetic Laser Dentistry in Melbourne commonly uses the powerful 450nm wavelength on successful frenectomies to efficiently cut and coagulate the tissue without causing much collateral damage. As the peak absorption chromophore for blue light is haemoglobin and melanin, he believes that it performs cutting very efficiently with very low power compared to your traditional longer used wavelengths on the spectrum. This 450nm laser has an impressive peak power output of up to 7 Watts, while peak power of the 980nm laser device is a commanding 12 Watts, representing the most powerful diode on the market. Offering natural and holistic wound healing and pain management is now a must have for all dental clinics to ensure you stand out from the rest. This amazing and innovative technology not only benefits the dental patients, but the dental professionals as well! It is very common for our dentists to whip out the PBM handpiece after a hard day’s work to release muscle tension and pain. It is just as beneficial to have the option to offer this technology to your patients as an extra service to assist in better management of painful dental procedures and delayed wound healing. The inbuilt smart dental software allows you to choose from over 50 + recommended treatment pre-sets over eight district clinical categories which include: New products from Innovative Medical Technologies u Prosthetics u Periodontics u Implant u Aesthetic u Photobiomodulation u Pedodontics u Endodontics u Oral Surgery Every system contains educational material including clinical guidelines and videos to guide you through even the most challenging procedures. In addition, it allows you to connect with others dental professionals around the globe. The S3 Plus laser not only pioneer’s clinical efficacy, but also sets new benchmarks for convenience and connectivity. Equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, complimented by an intelligent operating system, the S3 Plus presents a gateway to limitless future possibilities. The innovation, adaptability, and precision of three-wavelength lasers to meet different clinical needs, positions the S3 Plus at the forefront of dental lasers, elevating it as the premier choice for modern dental professionals worldwide. For further information contact Innovative Medical Technologies on 1800 888 983